Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Old Year

Well, here we are again; a brand new year. Another year older, another year wiser... well, the latter part is still up for debate. 2012 was an eventful year by all accounts, what with the Olympics, the US election, and my boobs growing a little bit (I think... probably not.)

For me, 2012 was a year of change. I finished my secondary education, became a legal adult, and very willingly lost my single-dom. I also joined Tumblr, which I think may have ruined all my future prospects - time will tell.

Here's a list (because lists are fun and shush) of some of my highlights from 2012

1. AMERICA. Yes, last February I and about 90 other fresh-faced musicians from my school orchestra crossed the Atlantic and spent some time over in Rhode Island and New York - forever cementing both my love of travelling and the ridiculous largeness of America. (Walmart, all hail Walmart)

2. I tried being femme a couple of times and realised that it just doesn't work for me. Yay for gender presentation, eh? Look at these photos. Look at these photos and laugh.

3. Spending a week in Kerry and then a weekend at Electric Picnic (my first festival experience) with my friends. Just... brilliance itself. Endless laughs and excellent memories. Some mental scars too, but tit for tat.


4. Sundry other trips- such as to Edinburgh, planting the seeds of my undying love for the city.

5. Coming out to my Dad and my Gran, and therefore no longer being in the closet at all. That was a biggie.

And as a result, I introduced a girl to my family, properly, for the first time. That was awesome too.

6. I became a great deal more educated about gender, sexuality, feminism, and politics - hooray for bettering my understanding of modern society!

7. I started my portfolio course in the metropolis of Gorey, and consequently have spent most of time either doing art or laughing until I wet myself and that, I think, is the right way to be doing things. It has been, so far, pretty fucking excellent, and I don't think I'm presuming too much to say the next few months of the course will probably be just as magnificent. It has already played host to faces such as these:

Art such as this (don't ask):

 and creepiness such as this (No, really, don't ask):

8. I saw the ballet for the first time! That's been a dream of mine for a while, and I finally got to go see The Nutcracker in the convention centre in Dublin. It was THE BEST. 

On a less personal note, 2012 has played host to some most excellent movies that I have spent many a day squee-ing over during the course of the year. We had these guys

and this gem

and this motherfucker

and these beauts

 and these guys 

and OF COURSE these absolutes wonders.

Yeeeah. It was a good year for nerds.

So, one of my resolutions this year is to start a blog and actually keep it up on a regular basis. Day one, check. Stay tuned on the same Bat-time, same Bat-channel for tomorrow's post on all the awesome things to look forward in this the new year of 2013!

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